13 May

Phillip dosen’t think the ‘Pippa’s-bum-car-spraying-nutter’ is in fact a nutter for spraying some chap’s car (see previous post: http://bit.ly/mksFKE).

He has, however, got very angry that she has missed out the appropriate apostrophe in her act of vandalism.

This, in his view, makes her arguement seem less elegant and the act of an uneducated wally. Do you have the world ‘wally’ where you live?

My thoughts? I think that I’d like more people to read my blog; that I’d like to get rid of this annoying tickly cough; that there isn’t really a wall behind me.

Phillip has ordered me this book http://amzn.to/kCfeIJ and we’re going to sit down to discuss the situation in more detail when I’ve read it. I’ll update later.

If you are planning on vanadlaising a car, do let me know and I can lend it to you once I’ve finished. 


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