Burson Marstellar corrupts Jane

13 May

I’ve mentioned Jane. We play scrabble together.

Anyway, we had a bit of a falling out after I made the word squiffy from the word quiff ,which had already been played. She thought it wasn’t a word, I thought it was and used my blog post as proof. This wasn’t good enough for her. Oh no.

We finished the game and I won by eight points, mainly because she had a ‘k’ lefty over and I’d used all my letters. Jane was obviously a bit sulky and refused to play a doubles game on my team against Phillip and his girlfriend, XXX.

I didn’t think about it agian.

Well. It turns out that Jane was really angry. She set up a facebook page (no page link – I had it taken down) at www.facebook.com pretending to be me and saying really nasty things about my blog. She also told Phillip that I had secretly been saying that his girlfriend wasn’t all that good looking and had a big bum. This made him really mad and he started telling people bad things about me; he suggested I’d had some kind of relationship with Larry Page from google (www.google.com) and that I cheat at Scrabble (www.scrabblecheat.com).

Now I’ve not said this before but Phillip really does cheat at scrabble. He brings his own letters that he’s made himself from cut up breakfast cereal boxes. We find this quite amusing so have never let on that we know he’s doing this. I think that’s why I’m so upset.

It’s quite cathartic writing this. Jane, Phillip: if you’re reading I’ve forgiven you. If you’re not reading, I’ve forgiven you too.

Oh, before I go I thought it would be nice to finish with a picture. Here is a picture of Mark Penn…


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