It’s not a lion, it’s a giraffe

26 May

Ay-up. There’s a joke about a lion and a giraffe. There are lots of accent jokes.

I don’t really have an accent. Phillip says that I sound like I’m gargling when I talk, which is accurate.

However, Cheryl Cole, a famous UK street fighter and jazz poet, is rumoured to have split up with her boyfriend, Simon Cowell, because he didn’t understand a word she was saying. Incidentally, this was the same reason they got together in the first place.

This has made me think of all my favourite accent based jokes. Many are probably not politically correct and I shouldn’t face the risk of being accused of racism when writing about Cheryl Cole ( and

So anyway, there may not be any truth to this story. It was broken internationally this morning by, which whilst renowned for it’s inside knowledge of US pop culture is mainly staffed by welsh people. If you’ve ever heard such a person speak you will know that they’re not the best judge for accent based stories  



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