“end of world” cult leader weds

27 May

I got married once, it was ace.

Today another famous cult leader has been in the news for getting married.  Some cynical people are suggesting that he is only getting married to keep his name in the papers and garner public support after seeing the success Prince William got after marrying Pippa Middleton’s bottom. I think this is possiblly true.

He’s had a lot of press recently for predicting that Jesus will come down and get us and the world will end because He (He as in Jesus, sorry bad sentence – though I capped it so that should help) is so angry that  table tennis doubles olympic hopeful David Cameron wants you to pay to read a book and not “borrow” it. I think it’s hard for people once in the limelight to suddenly have to take a back seat.

 I’m not allowed to justify this picture centre left, so centre instead.


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