Raining LSD?

2 Jun

Having a little read of www.god.com mainly because it’s a great URL so whoever has it must have some serious things to say.

Reading this section it seems that the argument being made is that because it is impossible to walk past a dog without waking it up (really?) then it is impossible for us to live for ever or for the bible to not be true.  I do enjoy this kind of arguement.

Anyway, we then find ourselves reading about acid rain. WHAT HAPPENED TO ACID RAIN? is all I can now think about now.

I think the big scare must have been when I was at a very impressionable age but I remember news stories about statues melting and everyone having to wear special hats. I just googled to find a link and learned that I can’t use ‘melt’ here as this is scientifically related to  heat-related solid to liquid changes only. I thought this was interesting so have just added these lines rather than changing my original mistake.

So. It seems to have gone away. I’m also not the first to panic about what happened to acid rain e.g. this.

Therefore this isn’t a very topical blog post. Also, apparently all rain is acid (though I got this form Yahoo answers , so who knows)

Reminds me a bit of a song by an also non-topical band. There is no dark side of the moon. As a matter of fact it’s all dark.



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