How do fish learn to count?

3 Jun

Twitter took me here this morning:

There is a lovely throw away line about fish fingers relating to this story:

Which inspired me, being a fish and all. Here are some facts about fish fingers:

  1. A glass of wine has as many calories as four fish fingers (for those not engaged enough to use the above link)
  2. Fish can count to four 
  3. Scientists think we all have fish fingers
  4. A proper, serious newspaper (Daily Telegraph no less) took the time to develop it’s own list of things you didn’t know about fish fingers
  5. The world’s biggest EVER fish finger was attcaked by two blonde ladies

I think five will do. Number four took the wind-out-of-my-sails a little bit to be honest.

Here is a picture to illustrate number five in my list. If you have any exciting fish finger stories, do please share.


One Response to “How do fish learn to count?”

  1. an irenicon June 3, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    When we were kids, I told my little brother that if he cut into his fish sticks (that’s what we call them… but I think I like “fish fingers”; it seems a bit more graphic) motor oil would come spilling out because our oceans are polluted.

    He has hated fish sticks ever since.

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